Collaborating with Jil Smith is great! Her perspective and creativity are very refreshing and are topped off with her commitment to schedule and budget.”
Curtis McGuire, Architect


"Have you ever walked into a room and immediately felt comfortable and welcome? Jil made our lamps for Dahlia Lounge when Jackie & I re-opened in 2000. She is terribly clever, always creative, and has been a pleasure to work with over the years. Her designs are unique, quirky and really make the visual difference in any interior." 

Tom Douglas & Jackie Cross
Dahlia Lounge


"Outside, the sky is a lead milkshake as the rains slide down our windows. We live in Seattle and it is winter. Inside, the rich color from these lampshades warms the corners of our rooms, sprouting beauty from a bare bulb. These shades go good with velvet, wood floors, gin, and friends coming through the door." 
Jefferson Allen


Topic: Love the work! 
"Insatiable Studios (Jil) has designed magnificent Shades in two of our Engagement Ring stores and the compliments keep pouring in. Thank you Jil! When can you get started on Store # 3?" 
Emerson Robbins
EE Robbins Jewelers


"SignTech has had the privilege of working alongside Insatiable Studios on two major projects to date. We have been very pleased with Jil's professionalism, flexibility, and most of all - her commitment to quality. Her work is beautiful, and her attention to detail and the customer's needs are exemplary." 
Andrew Barfoot
Project Manager, SignTech



Topic: Praise 
"Jil Smith of Insatiable Studios was the featured artist at the Northwest Women’s Law Center 2001 Benefit Auction. Insatiable Studios donated 32 lamp shades for use as centerpieces at the elegant event. The shades were illuminated with votive candles to spectacular effect. The brilliant colors, intricately designed patterns, and delicate detail created a unique and memorable display. 

"Jil and Insatiable Studios create something special for our event each year. We are honored to include her as a member of our community." 
Kelli Maguire 
Northwest Women’s Law Center
DL insatiable-swans-detail.jpeg

Topic: Baby's Room Shade
"Thank you so much for the latest in our collection of your lampshades. Each one, we love even more than the last. This one has such a great whimsical pattern and beautiful colors. It's absolutely fabulous. We love how we can come to you with an idea and you create something so unique and incredibly cool. I love coming home at night when your lights are on in the windows - the house looks so welcoming and cozy. Any way, thanks again and I’m sure we'll see you again before long!" 
Kate & Kevin


Seattle Times: 

After 25 years, Tom Douglas’ Dalia Lounge still ‘sophisticated but approachable'


Kitchen and Bath Fall 2014

Bright Light: A custom chandelier with a shade in a punchy print is the perfect compliment to the colorful island